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The Satir Approach to Communication
A Workshop Manual

Johanna Schwab, Michele Baldwin, Jane Gerber, Maria Gomori and Virginia Satir

front cover

128 pages
6 x 9 in.
ISBN 978-0831400712
$15.95 paperback

A hands-on book for those who use Virginia Satir's ideas and methods for workshops, groups, and individuals. Full of exercises, chacklists, and other helpful ideas.

"Communication is to personal health, satisfactory interpersonal relationships, and productivity as breathing is to life. Effective communication can be both taught and learned. We were not born with the way we communicate. We learned it, mostly through modeling, in ways no one even knew or intended." - Virginia Satir, from her preface to this book.

With its clear and direct style, this manual will gladden the heart of anyone who uses Virginia Satir's concepts to guide workshops, groups, or individuals.
drawing of woman and girl

  • Concise explanations of Satir's approach to communication
  • General guidelines for producing and conducting successful workshops
  • Specific checklists for planning and following through on essential details
  • Suggested formats for initial, intermediate, and final sessions
  • Communication stances, role-plays, and other great experiential exercises.

Schwab and her coauthors collaborated with Satir on this manual. As members of the Avanta Network who train other therapists, they draw on their many years of work with Satir. They describe many of her concepts and techniques, using their own flair and preserving her special flavor.

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