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Founded in 1963 by Don Jackson, M.D., Science & Behavior Books is a small publishing house that travels the innovative edges of counseling psychology, family therapy, and human behavior. Originally, SBB was born when innovative therapists such as Virginia Satir were having difficulty finding publishers. Today, we continue seeking innovative ideas that respond to specific niches in the market. While many of our authors are therapists writing for other therapists, some of our recent books — for example, Grandparenting and If You Really Loved Me — include the lay reader in their focus and have strong mass market appeal.

Positive Regard: Carl Rogers and Other Notables He Influenced is an anthology of biographies of Carl Rogers and other famous people connected to the dean of humanistic psychology. Carl Rogers's daughter, Natalie Rogers, founder of PCETI (Person Centered Expressive Therapy Institute), wrote The Creative Connection, which describes the interweaving of all the arts and their use in a therapeutic model. New books by some of our other cherished authors include the Second Edition of The Skipping Stone by Mona Wasow, which explores the ways mental illness affects entire families. Vince D'Andrea and Peter Salovey have greatly expanded their seminal Peer Counseling.

Family Reconstruction
, a book by Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse, describes the living theater model based on the dramatic therapeutic tool created by Virginia Satir.

We hope you enjoy our new titles as well as our bestselling backlist. Your comments are always welcome.