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If You Really Loved Me
book cover Dr. Lori H. Gordon

176 pages
7x7-1/2 in.
ISBN 0-8314-0086-2
$14.95 paperback

(Out of Print)

"We had everything going for us. What went wrong?"

In If You Really Loved Me, Dr. Lori H. Gordon tackles those everyday frustrations that can cause arguments and confusion, lead to endless misunderstandings, and sabotage your relationships.

Lori Gordon 3/4 pictureDr. Gordon has found that the source of relationship trouble often involves love knots -- those hidden expectations and assumptions we bring to intimate relationships.

If You Really Loved Me examines the most dangerous relationship traps, including:

The Invisible Contract overlooking each other's terms for intimacy

The Revolving Ledger unknowingly expecting each other to make up for past hurts

The Negative Infinity Loop triggering each other's "emotional allergies"

Love Knots hidden beliefs or assumptions that ruin relationships

Double Binds setting up no-win situations

Fortunately, with humor and insight, Gordon provides effective, simple, non-blaming skills to remedy these situations -- and to prevent them from arising again in the future.

Couples, therapists, and anyone who cares about relationships can benefit from reading this book.