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front cover Satir Step by Step
A Guide to Creating Change in Families

by Virginia Satir and Michele Baldwin

$21.95 paperback
ISBN 978-0831400682

Annotated transcript of Satir conducting family therapy -- showing what she's thinking and how she selects a particular phrase or intervention -- and then an account of her theoretical foundations and methods.

Part I Practice

A Family Interview: Virginia Satir explaines her interventions and techniques step by step.

Part II Theory

For the first time we have a description of many of Virginia Satir's basic concepts and techniques including the Seed Model, Family Reconstruction and Parts Parties. Michele Baldwin presents a rich distillation of the philosophy that underlies the Satir approach.

I particularly appreciate the descriptions of Family Reconstruction and Parts Parties that appear here for the first time. These methods are essential for my teaching and practice.
Maria Gomori, Director of Social Work, St. Boniface General Hospital, Winnipeg, Canada.

At last, but not finally, a book 'from the inside out' about how Virginia Satir thinks, acts, and makes it possible for families to learn and grow. For too many years the thoughtful concepts that lie behind her work have been ignored by others in the field of Family Therapy. And now Michele Baldwin, with Virginia's help, has offered a careful analysis of a rare genius at work, a valuable explication of the assumptions, processes, stages of therapy and techniques that she uses so gracefully. In doing this, shee has helped make it clear how those who should learn Virginia Satir's approach, can.
Bunny S. Duhl, Ed.D., Frederick J. Duhl, M.D., Co-Directors, Boston Family Institute

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