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The Satir Model:
Family Therapy and Beyond

Virginia Satir, John Banmen, Jane Gerber, Maria Gomori

350 pages, 6 x 9 in.
ISBN 978-0831400781
$25.95 paperback

The definitive book on the theoretical aspects of Satir's approach to therapy. Comprehensive organization of her concepts, therapeutic applications, and innovative interventions.

A pioneer in family therapy, Virginia Satir was internationally acclaimed as a therapist, lecturer, trainer, and author. After helping start the prestigious Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, California, she continued developing her approach to counseling individuals and families. She was perhaps best known for her work in self-esteem.

This book represents the evolution of Satir's ideas over the last twenty years. In clear, plain terms, it details her theoretical position, her strategy in therapy, and how she tailored her interventions to address people's particular issues. Its authoritative text is cogent, comprehensive, and warmly inviting.

The Satir Model was chosen by the AAMFT Foundation for the 1994 Satir Education and Research Prize.

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