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Passion For Freedom – Maria's Story

cover Maria Gomori

293 pages, 6 x 9 in.
ISBN 978-0831400903
$18.95 paperback

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Maria's Story reads like a screenplay.
This excerpt is from Chapter 4. Maria is age 22.

On March 19, 1944, eleven German tank divisions rolled into Hungary. Our status changed from "allied country" to "occupied Nazi Hungary." That autumn, the Nazis began removing Jews from Budapest. "Everyone is going." This was not exactloy a surprise. Each day, they took groups of men and women from the yellow-star houses. Ultimately, 35,000 of us moved to camps.

When I protested that I had a baby sleeping upstairs, a Nazi said, "Bring the baby or leave it." My parents lived nearby, and I desperately hoped and prayed they would find him. With guns pointed right at us, I marched through Budapest with others from the surrounding yellow-star houses. They ordered about 2,500 of us to march toward Austria. Each day's march started at daybreak. I knew I would rather die than go on...Holding my friend's Eva's hand tightly, I dropped and crawled into the dark....All around us was silent. I had no idea what to do next....

– Maria's Story

Like Virginia Satir herself- whose successor she ultimately became – Maria Gomori firmly believes and teaches her students that unselfish, loving relationships with good and wise persons can heal and transform us more effectively than anything else in life.
— John Rossner, Ph. D., D. Litt.,
President, International Institute of Integral Human Sciences

Although her life has been dangerous, dramatic, and tragic at times, Maria does not carry her history as a burden. . . . She relates it in a deeply personal way that fosters enrichment and inspiration for those who hear it.
— Linda Lee Nicholls,
Friend and colleague

This book is compelling. It will truly amaze and inspire you. You will not be able to
put it down.
— Manuel Matas, M. D.,

It is amazing that she is still a glamorous woman. What a life!
— Robert S. Spitzer, M. D.,
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