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coverThe Gestalt Approach and
Eyewitness to Therapy

Fritz Perls

206 pages, 6 x 9 in.
ISBN 978-0831400347
$19.95 paperback

This giant of modern psychology wrote that The Gestalt Approach was "an exploration of a somewhat new approach to the entire subject of human behavior -- both in its actuality and its potentiality." Eyewitness to Therapy contains film transcripts that Perls believed had significant teaching value.

The Gestalt Approach

  1. Foundations
    • Gestalt Psychology
    • Homeostasis
    • The Holistic Doctrine
    • Contact Boundary

  2. Neurotic Mechanisms
    • Birth of Neurosis
    • Introjection
    • Projection
    • Confluence
    • Retroflection
  3. Here come the Neurotic
  4. Here and Now Therapy
  5. Peeling the Onion
  6. Shuttling, Psychodrama and Confusion
  7. Who is Listening?

Fritz Perls completed the first draft of this manuscript shortly before his death. The editor has been careful to make minimal changes. Fritz felt his previous books on theory were outdated, difficult to read, and incomplete. In The Gestalt Approach he has succeeded in writing a readable comprehensive theory explaining gestalt therapy.

Eye Witness to Therapy

  • What is Gestalt?
  • Awareness
  • Marriage
  • Gestalt Prayer
  • Couples No. 1
  • Couples No. 2
  • Memory and Pride
  • Philosophy of the Obvious
  • Madeline's Dream
  • Everything is Aware Process
  • Fritz, Friend and Freud
Fritz Perls believed a study of his films was the best way to learn gestalt therapy. The title, Eye Witness to Therapy, is his. Each film contains an introduction by Fritz. The transcripts are very readable and often poignant.

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